Strategy SEO

What are the benefits of strategic SEO efforts?

1-Helps you increase brand awareness
When you do strategic SEO work, you can also base your goals on increasing brand awareness. Having more results about your brand in search engines and getting more exposure to users will help you increase your brand awareness. By editing your blog content or content on the website, the more content you produce to respond to search queries, the more you can increase your brand awareness.

2-You drive traffic to your website organically
When you increase your visibility on the internet with SEO studies, you will start to attract more traffic to your website. You have the chance to turn this incoming traffic back into your website.

3-You can reduce your AdWords budget
When strategic SEO work is done correctly, it may not have to constantly allocate a budget to AdWords campaigns as it provides quality traffic to websites organically; Or you can reduce your AdWords budget with quality organic traffic.

4-Ideal for long-term marketing studies
SEO is one of the works that should not be considered as instant and short-term. While short-term studies can be done, it also provides benefits as a long-term investment with the right keyword choices and strategies. It takes a certain time for SEO content to be evaluated and indexed. The valuation of these content over time will also help you get organic traffic from these content in the long run.

5- More quality traffic comes from SEO studies
You have a chance to get higher quality traffic from the pages that have come to the top with SEO studies, rather than the prominent results with AdWords campaigns. Especially with your SEO studies using Long Tail keywords, you have a higher chance of reaching consumers who are in the buying process and taking action. Reaching consumers who are prone to purchase will also increase the rate of recycling you will receive.

6-You start to rank high in mobile search queries
When you include mobile SEO studies in Strategic SEO studies, you start to appear at the top of the search queries made by users on mobile devices. Google states that the search queries coming from mobile have increased considerably in recent years and that the search queries coming from here will increase even more in the coming periods. For this reason, doing SEO work on the mobile side will also help you increase your mobile traffic.

7- Allows you to reach new target audiences
When you create content that will respond to users' search queries with SEO studies, you have the chance to reach audiences other than your current target audience. Reaching new target audiences is also very important in increasing your market share and conversions.

8-Allows you to get ahead of your opponents
When you set SEO strategies, you can start to focus on areas that your competitors have not yet addressed or overlooked. Working on keyword groups that they are not strong or not included in will enable you to reach target audiences that your competitors have not reached yet, making it easier for you to get ahead of them.